Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 3 Charity Trends in 2013

Here are the top three trends to watch for in the charitable world in 2013.

1. Fundraising will see a renewed focus on major gifts and individual donations in 2013.

The last few years have seen (and even demanded that) organizations seek new and innovative funding models.  The phrase "revenue diversification" has become overused as charities have sought more corporate funding, initiated social enterprise and enhanced their on-line campaigns, sometimes all at the same time. But the fact remains that the majority of charities still raise the majority of their funds through individual gifts, including major gifts.  2013 started off with a great example: the biggest-ever private gift for cancer research in Canadian history. My prediction is that we'll see a "return to basics" as charities prune back some the less successful initiatives of the last few years.

2. Fundraising will see significant innovation in terms of leveraging technology and on-line giving in 2013.

I remember the first time I received an e-mail from a friend that had a link to an individualized site where I could donate to support them in climbing the CN Tower. At the time it seems quite remarkable... But that was many years ago. My own Movember campaign raised a bit less this year than last, and others I know had the same experience. Yet the web and on-line giving is nothing if not flexible and innovative. My first prediction notwithstanding, I believe that we'll see memorable and innovative new ways to leverage technology in support of philanthropic efforts in 2013.

3. There will be even more new faces leading charities in 2013.

Partly due to demographics, partly due to the ever-increasing challenges facing charities, and partly due to new and more complex expectations of leaders of charities (ONCA, CNCA, AODA, etc.), I have the sense that new leadership will be a theme this year. This isn't a new trend, just one that I believe will accelerate, and a quick review of the Charity Village and LinkedIn job postings would seem to support this belief. My prediction is that we'll see even more postings and a number of long-standing roles change in 2013.

I’ll keep you updated on examples and stories behind these trends all year, and check back in 12 months to let you know how accurate I was.

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